Range Rules

Monroe Rifle & Pistol Club Range Rules

1. Always wear eye and ear protection,

2. All bullets must impact on backstop. Ricochets are real.

3. No shooting at rocks, cans, bottles, trash, etc. Use proper target frames and targets.

4. When going downrange after ceasefire has been called, all firearms shall be unloaded with actions remaining open. All shooters will step back from firing line at least 10 feet, until everyone has returned and an all clear to resume firing has been called. ECI’s must be inserted. Safety lights must be turned on till range is clear.

5. Muzzles shall always point downrange.

6. No alcohol is permitted on property.

7. Keep trash picked up. This includes empty cartridge cases.

8. Members are responsible for their guests, and their behavior. Be courteous of other shooters.

9. No sustained rapid fire, except at supervised events.

10. Shooting hours are 9:00am, until the dusk to dawn light comes on (located on garage). Summer hours will be posted, and announced in the newsletter. Use common sense.

11. Pistol range is closed during scheduled matches on rifle range. Rifle range is closed during scheduled matches on pistol range. All ranges are closed during club meetings.

12. Shooting at 50 yards on the 200 yard rifle ranges with proper frames. No rifle cartridges and shotguns on Pistol range.

Violation of any of these rules, could result in club membership being terminated.